With over 50 years experience in the ceramics market, Borregaard LignoTech has developed a unique range of cost-effective Biopolymers for the processing of clay and related materials : BioKeram, the green efficiency for ceramic application. BioKeram allow ceramics manufacturers to improve quality while at the same time reduce production costs.

BioKeram suit nearly every type of raw material and process, including structural, decorative, refractories and technical ceramic types.

BioKeram provide ceramics manufacturers with:

  • Improved clay workability
  • Reduced need for die lubrication
  • Reduced Barium Carbonate need, even up to its elimination
  • Increased extrusion rate
  • Increased life of wearing parts
  • Increased green strength
  • Reduced free water
  • Faster drying rates
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Flexibility to use less plastic clays

Product range
BioKeram is a wide range of Biopolymers specifically designed to suit each different applications.

  • Additive-A
  • BioKeram 100's
  • BioKeram 200's
  • BioKeram 300's
  • BioKeram 400's
  • BioKeram 500's