Industriels Binders

Industrial Binders

Borregaard LignoTech’s lignin-based products are well known for providing excellent binding via traditional methods of pelleting and briquetting. We have carried out extensive work to extend their use to more demanding binding applications such as briquetting and pelleting at high temperatures, and to materials that are difficult to agglomerate - where an extra degree of performance is required.

High Temperature Binding

The manner in which Borregaard LignoTech’s products interact with a variety of substrates can be radically altered by thermal treatment during mixing and/or the use of a suitable complexing agent. Clearly, the ability to maintain dimensional and mechanical integrity at elevated temperatures offers a wealth of agglomerating possibilities for:

  • Blast Furnace Dust
  • Lead Bearing Dusts from Secondary Smelters
  • Basic Oxygen Steelmaking Sludge
  • Metallic Ores
  • Metal Rich Flue Dusts

Difficult to Agglomerate Materials

A related technology has also been developed for materials that are problematic or impossible to form into briquettes. Certain springy, resilient materials fall into this category, as do many forms of biomass.

  • Fibrous organics such as peat, sawdust and waste paper
  • Organic wastes, particularly sewage sludge
  • Fibrous inorganics, such as waste mineral wool
  • Biomass

An extremely important benefit resulting from the ability to briquette some of the above materials is that they are much easier to process further via incineration, carbonizing or gasification.


Borregaard LignoTech products which have found use in these demanding applications include:

  • Borresperse CA
  • Borrebond FP
  • Norlig A