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Cement Retarders - BioDrill RC series

Borregaard’s BioDrill RC product family includes a wide range of specialty cement retarders and dispersants. The variation in well conditions dictates the need for specialised retarders to fulfill the requirements of proper zonal isolation. Our BioDrill RC additives are used to retard cement, extend pump times, and allow the cement to set at the desired location in the production string; over a broad spectrum of cements and drilling temperatures.


Encompassed in Borregaard’s BioDrill RC product family are six dual functional retarders/dispersants. Using our in-depth understanding of oilwell cementing and unique competence in lignin, Borregaard has developed these highly modified products to address the challenges related to various cement types. These products are developed to provide consistent retarding and dispersing properties, when utilising high early compressive strength oilfield cements. Several BioDrill retarders have demonstrated the ability to ameliorate the erratic dosage response of high early compressive strength cements.


Product Function  Chemistry  Temp. range
BioDrill® RC100 series Low temp cement retarders  Lignosulfonates  Up to 80 °C
BioDrill® RC200 series  Low to moderate temp cement
dispersants and retarders
Lignosulfonates  50 – 100 °C
BioDrill® RC300 series Low to moderate temp cement
Lignosulfonates  50 – 110 °C
BioDrill® RC400 series  Moderate to high temp cement
Lignosulfonates  100 - 120 ºC
BioDrill® RC500 series High temp cement retarders Lignosulfonates  120 – 150 °C