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Fluid Loss Control - BioDrill FM series


Water-based mud systems naturally form a clay-based filter cake at the interface between the formation rock strata and the drilling fluid. Our BioDrill FM fluid loss control agents decrease the permeability of the filter cake, preventing migration of drilling mud into sensitive formation-producing zones. The treaded filter cake also prevents migration of formation fluids into the drilling fluid. Borregaard’s BioDrill FM products offer excellent performance at temperatures up to 200 °C (400 °F), in particular calcium and chloride contaminated systems (e.g. in gypsum/dolomite or salt formations, or sea water).


Product Function  Chemistry  Temp. range
BioDrill® FM200 Fluid loss control additive Lignosulfonates  Up to 100 °C
BioDrill® FM400 Fluid loss control additive Lignosulfonates  Up to 200 °C