Dedicated relationship

About R&D

In order to develop novel products, and provide innovative solutions, a close relationship with our customers is of vital importance for Borregaard LignoTech R&D. 

Our philosophy of product development is to involve the customer as early as possible in a development project. In this way we can serve customers better through optimizing product-properties according to customer requirements, and substantially shorten the time of development and product launching. Borregaard LignoTech also has a long tradition in working closely with universities and research institutes. The mix of fundamental and applied research enables Borregaard LignoTech to implement fundamental understanding into practical and economical advantage.

Our goal is that approximately 35% of our project portfolio shall be conducted in close cooperation with partners and customers, and that another 10% shall be coordinated with universities and research institutes. Borregaard LignoTech aims for launching one major product every year, and to generate 15% of net revenues from new products.