Technical Services

Technical Services

Borregaard LignoTech has a wide scope for service and technical partnership.

In industries where suitable, we support world class experts who provide on-site technical advice on how to utilize our products. Our technical experts train customers in the benefits of utilizing our lignin-based products and optimize production lines and formulations according to customer demands. Through dedicated work, we are able to improve our customer's profits.

Expertise - Around The World

We operate five technical service centres in:

  • Sarpsborg, Norway
  • Rothschild, Wisconsin USA
  • Umkomaas, South Africa
  • Mumbai, India
  • Torrelavega, Spain

Our research and development centres are fully equipped to support and test the large variety of binding, stabilizing and dispersing properties of our products. We perform application testing, support product development processes and optimize formulations and processes for our customers. In areas such as: concrete admixtures, pesticide dispersants, battery expanders, oil well drilling chemicals, emulsions, ceramics, road binders, by-pass proteins and animal feed pelleting additives, our products and services are highly appreciated by our customers.