Binding Agent

Binding Agent

Borregaard's LignoTech’s products are large water-soluble biopolymers which posses both hydrophobic (water fearing) and hydrophilic (water loving) regions. With addition of water, the molecule can move and adjust itself to its surrounding.

The hydrophobic regions tend to adsorb onto surfaces that are likewise hydrophobic, while the hydrophilic regions will hold onto water molecules or possibly form hydrogen bonds with other surfaces such as proteins or starches.

Binding in the wet stage is weak, but measurable. This is because our products remain free to move on or off of the surfaces to which they are attached when water is present.

However, as drying occurs the connections between our products and the adjacent surfaces become much stronger. The relatively large size of the molecules allow them to span gaps between particles. In the wet phase, the molecules have aligned themselves in the most favourable positions - in the dry phase they lock into those positions providing strong bonds.

Borregaard LignoTech's binders have a long history of use in a variety of areas including:

  • Animal feed pellets, blocks, and cubes
  • Limestone and gypsum granulation
  • Sand cores for foundry use
  • Soil stabilisation and road binder
  • Resin replacement in fibre board
  • Pressing of ceramic tiles